Why getting certified with Certi-Trust™?

Certi-Trust is a third party compliance assessment body and we act independently. Our competence, professionalism and expertise are recognized thanks to our accreditations issued by international accreditation bodies.

The certification of your management system by Certi-Trust allows you to show your stakeholders your commitment to manage risks and improve performance.

Maintained over time, certification makes it possible to:

How do you get certified with Certi-Trust ™?

At Certi-Trust, we offer audit solutions according to different schemes. Our certification process includes several steps that allow our auditors to interact with your teams, evaluate your processes and have reasonable assurance of the compliance, efficiency and performance of your management systems.

To rely on a reliable certification body and maintain the trust of your stakeholders, transfer your certificate to Certi-Trust in 5 very simple steps:

We will assess your certification needs together to adapt them to the internal and external compliance context.

Complete a qualification form and submit your request and the relevant documentation on your existing certification (issuer, certificate number, validity dates, etc.).

Consult our quote and once you are satisfied, we will conduct a documentary verification audit.

Transfer your certification to us. After successful evaluation, your new certificate will be issued. pay an exit fee with your old CAB, contact us and we will find a solution together as well.

Keep improving. We will continue to perform our duty based on your existing audit plan to help you maintain and improve your performance.

Maintain your certification with Certi-Trust™

Once you have obtained the certification you must maintain it throughout the validity of the certificate. To do this, Certi-Trust carries out follow-up or surveillance audits at least every 12 months.

We will perform these surveillance audits using the same procedures as the initial or renewal audit. Certi-Trust thus helps you to maintain compliance with requirements, process efficiency and the level of performance of your management system.

Certi-Trust™ customer area

Certi-Trust provides its clients with a personalized space where they can find copies of their audit reports and certificates. The ‘My Certi-Trust’ area is accessible via login and password provided to you by the Certi-Trust team. (hyperlink MyCerti-Trust to go to the space with the same name).

In addition, Certi-Trust provides you with a newsletter and continuous monitoring information on the development of standards that concern your certified systems.

We can also provide your staff with generic training on the standards and repositories in force as well as on the standardization aspects of your management systems and other processes. We can also provide you with self-assessment tools, newsletters, compliance software, etc.

Directory of certified clients at Certi-Trust™

We maintain a directory of companies certified by Certi-Trust with a daily update of the certification status (active, inactive, suspended, withdrawn, etc.).