International Certification Trust Services (ICTS) sàrl, a limited responsibility company by shares based in Luxembourg, proposes people certification services.

ICTS sàrl has been granted the exclusive right to the trademark « Certi-Trust™ » for all what relates to certification of persons, accredited or not.

The scope of activity of ICTS sàrl is strictly limited to the only certification of persons according to the international standard ISO 17024. No advisory neither any other consulting services leading to possible conflict of interest is allowed.

Other entities using the trademark Certi-Trust are doing it in the filed of their own accredited programs, according to the perimeter expressed in their respective accreditation certificates.

All our staff is highly skilled and masters the required professionnal competence, on top of bein reggularly trained and supervised, to deliver upper class services to our clients. It is actually essential for a people certification body to demonstrate conformity to specific norms and standards, to guarantee all respect to principles and requirements, coherence and impartiality of the certification process and to all management systems audit practices.

Certi-Trust’s certification of persons testify about a rigorous conformity to the standards and the conditions of their performance, so reflecting security, reliability and a superior quality.

Certi-Trust proposes to its business clients to be an effective instrument by confirming knowledge, competences and experience from their staff in a fast evolving community.

Obtaining and maintaining a Certi-Trust certification means demonstrating that one has the necessary capacities to provide the professional services expected by most organizations that are engaged in compliance or security management procedures, continuity, risk management or cybersecurity.

For each professional to become certified and maintain their certifications, this means ensuring, over the long term, the correct implementation and continuous support of management systems and compliance with best practices, industrial directives or other regulations that may help organizations benefit from the best national and international technological standards.

ICTS sàrl and its staff are not engaged in any activity that could conflict with their independence of judgment, their neutrality, their impartiality or their integrity in relation to the certification services they offer.

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