In all confidence in the digital era

CERTI-TRUST™ is the certification mark that accompanies
digital transformation of our clients worldwide

Certi-Trust is a certification service mark grouping together several companies acting independently to carry out certification audits of management systems, products and services or certification activities of people.

Three entities are specifically third party conformity assessment bodies and act independently but in concert, for the benefit of our clients, to carry out activities related to certification services of all kinds.

To do this, the “CABs” (Conformity Assessment Bodies) entities are accredited by the national accreditation bodies listed below.

Interdigicert Europe

  • Certification de systèmes de management ( ISO/IEC 17021-1) under accreditation n° 4/005 from OLAS for the scheme ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (up ’till 31/12/2023) and EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and the PSDC Regulation from Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (see also the technical appendix associated for the included scopes).

ICTS France

  • Certification de systèmes de management (NF EN ISO/IEC 17021-1) under accreditation n° 4-0612 from COFRAC for the schems ISO 9001:2015, NF EN ISO 14001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (up’till 31/12/2023), NF EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and the French HDS certification framework (valid version as defined by local laws).
  • Certification de produits, processus et services (NF EN ISO/IEC 17065) under accreditation n° 5-0597 from COFRAC for eIDAS and the PASSI-RGS French framework.

ICTS Luxembourg

Having your performance recognized requires recourse to a competent and recognized trusted third party.

– 6 Reasons to choose Certi-Trust™ –

Why choosing Certi-Trust?

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:

Becoming a world leader in testing, inspection and certification using the best information technologies.

Our mission:

Participating in the success of companies and organizations by becoming their trusted third party.

Our Values:

Competence – Responsibility – Transparency – Confidentiality – Integrity.


Our audit services allow you to assess your organization’s compliance with applicable standards and regulations


Thanks to third-party audits, the security of your management system and your products are assessed to the best industry standards


Customer orientation is core to our quality approach. Our activities and reports are constantly evaluated by our customers and our quality teams


We help strengthen the resilience of your organization to cope with changes in the context of your activity

International Recognition

Thanks to our accreditations (See our accreditation certificates to know their scope), your certifications have international recognition putting your partners in confidence all over the world


We are constantly investing in our human capital to bring you the skills best suited to your needs

Satisfaction of our customers is the best recognition of the quality of our services

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