We provide various certification services to organizations

CERTI-TRUST specializes in performing integrated management systems audits for ISO standards, regulatory compliance and sector specialized schemes.

This enables our clients to optimize the certification audit by reducing the number of audit days, hence reducing the cost and diminishing the overall audit footprint.

The deliverance of this service is possible thanks to our highly specialized auditors, who all have a demonstrated multi-disciplinary background on the relevant industry fields, besides undergoing continuous development training, in order to ensure that their knowledge, skills and competences are aligned with the technical requirements needed to perform multi-standard integrated certification audits.

Besides CERTI-TRUST’ specialized auditors, our certification team has been trained to assess and evaluate integrated management system audit reports, being able to process all the documentation in an optimized manner and thus, leading to a faster delivery of the certification verdict.

Certifying an integrated management system, instead of siloed audits, will enable your organization to apply a coordinated effort which will turn, not only more efficient, but more effective in reaching your certification strategy goals. An integrated management system certification provides a clear, uniform image of your entire organization, where efficiency is gained from less duplication, and in turn, it becomes easier to incorporate new management systems in future.

Certification of Management Systems

Currently, Certi-Trust proposes certification services under accreditation by OLAS (n° 4/005) according to ISO 17021-1 for the following schemes:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001

Certification of Specifically Regulated Frameworks

Certi-Trust is already offering certification services under accreditation by COFRAC according to ISO 17065 for the following schemes:

  • Certification of trust services providers (TSP) under Régulation n°910/2014 (eIDAS), accredited by COFRAC under n° 5-0597, fulfilling the requirements of the standard NF EN ISO/CEI 17065:2012 and COFRAC rules for certification services performed by our Luxembourgish and French branches in the defined scope.
    • Our accreditation and its technical appendix are available directly from COFRAC website
    • With his team of competent assessors, Certi-Trust™ is now able to conduct eIDAS conformity assessments for many clients in all European countries (and overseas) and in many languages as an Accreditated Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).


  • e-Health HDS: Certi-Trust is now technically received by ASIP Santé for operating HDS certification audits in France and abroad. See our authorizations here.