Certi-Trust Examination Rules for Candidates 

  1. Candidates should arrive at least thirty minutes before the beginning of the exam. 
  2. All candidates need to present a valid identify card with a picture to the invigilator. 
  3. Food is not allowed; soft drink is authorized. In case of a spilling accident, the candidate alone will be held responsible, and his/her exam will not be replaced nor will he/she be granted extra time to finish the exam. If the exam proves to be illegible due the spilling accident, the candidate will automatically receive a failing grade. 
  4. All cell phones and other electronic devices shall be turned off during the exam and are not allowed during the exam. 
  5. Listening to music using headsets is not allowed. 
  6. If a candidate has any questions, he/she shall raise his/her hand. 
  7. Candidates shall use a pen (blue or black color only) to complete the different documents. Using a pencil is not allowed. 
  8. Candidates shall complete any sheets in capital letters. 
  9. Candidates are not authorized to use anything but the exam materials and a pen. In case where the exam is opened book, candidates are only allowed to use, in addition and if authorized, a copy of the standard (hardcopy), personal notes and a hard copy dictionary. 
  10. Answers/notes/comments shall only be written on exam materials distributed and not in any other document, such as personal notes (if authorized). 
  11. Candidates shall inform the invigilator should they need to use the washroom. Please note that no more than one person is allowed to leave the room at the same time. 
  12. All inappropriate behaviour will lead to an exam failure: 
  13. Looking at other candidates’ materials or answer sheet.  
  14. Giving or receiving any assistance from the invigilator, another candidate, or anyone else.  
  15. Using unauthorized reference guides, manuals, tools, etc.  
  16. Copying, transmitting or reproducing any portion of the exam in any manner whatsoever.  
  17. Attempting to remove exam materials from the site.  
  18. Creating a disturbance or allowing a cell phone, pager, alarm or electronic device to sound in the exam room.  
  19. Failing to follow the examination procedures as outlined by the invigilator.  
  20. Presenting or using inaccurate identification documents.  


If inappropriate behaviour is observed, candidates will be politely dismissed from the room. Candidates have the right to protest against dismissal to Certi-Trust who will allow him/her to express his/her point of view. 

  1. Results will be communicated by email within 8 weeks after taking the exam. 
  2. Candidates who disagree with the exam results may request a re-evaluation by writing to examination@certi-trust.com 
  3. There is no limitation on how many times a candidate can retake the same exam. However, there are some limitations in terms of allowed time-frame in-between exams: when candidates fail an examination, they are only allowed to retake the examination once within 12 months after first attempt. If second examination is unsuccessful, candidate will be allowed to retake the exam only after 1 year (12 months). Retake fee applies. 


For more details on how Certi-Trust manages certification exams, our examination management procedure is fully outlined into the following document:

CT - QP09_Exam Management