What’s the certification process with Certi-Trust?


  1. Contact us – tell us what you need, and the standard you’re aiming for.
  2. Proposal – after you will have filled a qualification form describing your organization, the claimed scope and some other organizational details, we will send you a proposal detailing the efforts, time and costs involved in a formal assessment.
  3. Meet the audit team – we’ll assign you a dedicated Client Manager.
  4. Training (optional) – we can provide workshops, seminars or training courses to bring your people up to certification level.
  5. Pre-assessment (white audits, etc.) – optional pre-assessment identifies any omissions or weaknesses that need resolving.
  6. Certification audit – this comprises a number of stages, depending on the chosen standard.
  7. Certification – we’ll issue a certificate of registration, clearly outlining the scope of your certification.
  8. Compliance – your client manager will carry out ongoing assessments to support your continual improvement activities.
  9. Understanding the status of your certification – the way we grant, refuse, suspend, withdraw or reduce the scope of your certification, depending on the situation.