ICTS - International Certification Trust Services is a European Certification Accredited Body (CAB) acting in the field of Digital transformation, digital trust and IT innovation.


CERTI-TRUST™, the audit brand by International Certification Trust Services (ICTS) in Luxembourg, provides professional auditing and certification services for enterprises, individuals and products in the field of digital transformation. Our management systems, people and products certifications apply to Information Security, Digital Signature, cryptography, e-Archiving, Data Protection and Privacy, e-Health, Internet of Things, IT Quality, blockchain security, Big data, Green IT, Datacenter management, Business Continuity Management and all Resilience Services, IT Service Management, Datacenters Safety and Energy Management and a wide range of new, disruptive digital supplies. By acting as pioneers in developing new ways of certifying companies, persons or products, essentially in the innovating domains of digital transformation in the whole cyber field, Certi-Trust rises as a unique conformity assessment body of reference in the legal, regulatory and compliance sectors for all what relates to information technologies. Working with a large team of competent and experienced auditors and already recognized for years as a trustful and impartial player in the most demanding areas of the FinTech, Telecom and Data Management, Certi-Trust inspires confidence to major players and some of the most prestigious references in those industries thanks to our core values as competence, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality and proactivity.


By choosing Certi-Trust ™ from ICTS, your organization benefits from some of the most qualitative auditing and certification services on the market. Opting for a certification body that is accredited as is ICTS with its Certi-Trust ™ label proves that your company is following best practices. Companies and professionals looking for Certi-Trust ™ certification can benefit from recognition both in their home and international markets. Being accredited by the most demanding and most renowned European accreditation bodies in the world is also testimony to our state-of-the-art expertise in the field of information and communication technologies and the demonstration of competence and commitment of our teams.


Our auditors hold recognized credentials and our employees and affiliates are constantly trained and coached to provide our clients with the most appropriate results in relation to their expectations and requirements.


Just as it is essential that a certification demonstrates compliance with a standard, to ensure compliance with its principles and requirements, consistently and impartially in the performance of management systems certification and auditing, Certi-Trust ™ accredited certifications are the best evidence of our compliance with the standards and performance requirements that they require, which best reflects the safety, reliability and superior quality of Certi-Trust ™.